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MyPrecisionPoint is a secure portal providing a central point of communication and resources between PrecisionPoint, customers and partners.

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Focus and Connect across your enterprise

Reporting the way it should be for Dynamics NAV and AX

One organization – one report

With PrecisionPoint, any single report can include and access information from across the MS Dynamics modules and sub-ledger tables. The information consumer, report designer or analyst is liberated with a real sense of freedom as they seek the answers to today’s and tomorrow’s business questions



Have “Time to Influence”

Time spent constructing data models or technically time-consuming reports can prove wasted if the answer proves the question was the wrong one to ask in the first place. Question-Answer lead time needs to be rapid and responsive. Reduce the drudgery of question and answer sessions, and instead have Time to Influence, the strategic and tactical direction of your organization




Travel light and stay in control

As a method of displaying information, Excel is a great tool – as are web reports and dashboards – the problems start when Excel is used to manipulate the data.
PrecisionPoint does away with the need for manually built and maintained spreadsheets that are used to manipulate data, rather than just report on the data. With PrecisionPoint, Excel is only used as a delivery mechanism for accurate, reconciled, consistent reports eliminating uncontrolled “Islands of Information” which can make even Frankenstein look pretty!


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Focus on the “Close to report Cycle”

The heartbeat of any accounting team is set by month end, quarter end, and year end. PrecisionPoint Focus is designed to speed that process, getting the right level of data to the management team, shareholders, auditors and board of directors. Learn more about PrecisionPoint Focus here 



Connect across the enterprise

The key metrics of many organizations include sales, product, inventory, financial and customer data. Getting a clear picture of what’s going on, particularly when there are geographically separate subsidiaries working in multiple currencies, can be problematic. PrecisionPoint Connect has been designed to enable the clearest view of these elements, whilst reconciling local differences into one consistent, auditable view of the data which can be drilled into – right down to the individual transaction level. Learn more here



New Products

PrecisionPoint launches PrecisionPoint Singleview

PrecisionPoint Singleview enables ad-hoc reports that are reconciled and auditable without the need for complex reports to be written. Begone woes of waiting for ad-hoc queries to be written, away with red faces as the ad-hoc reports give a “different view of the truth” from the standard reports! Learn more here


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